three good things about your day?

three good things about your day?

a way to tune into the positive events in our life that we can easily miss

we can get caught up in the things that go wrong in our lives—like having a bad day, feeling unheard, or experiencing conflict’s within our social bubble—and forget to appreciate all the positive things. three good things is about focusing on the positive moments, experiences, and people, that we may sometimes take for granted or not notice all together.

when we focus on the positive it has been shown to boost our happy feelings, a benefit that might spill over into other aspects of our lives. people who experience greater positive emotions tend to put more effort into overcoming obstacles, perform better at work, feel less stress, be more confident an generally have a more positive outlook 

in some of our motivating sessions members are invited to say share on the session three good things that have happened in their day. by recalling these positive experiences it reaffirms in the memory, puts life into perspective which lift’s our mood and dissolves crumbs of potential negativity building up.

what three good things happened to you today? would you share in short sentences what these are and why in one of our sessions? 

hope to see you soon & often
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