“it’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, good things begin to happen.”

– Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali unquestionably understood the power of affirmations. when he proclaimed, ‘I’m the greatest’ as the little known boxer, Cassius Clay, he was setting the wheels in motion for momentous achievements on the world of boxing.

daily positive ripple effect

positive affirmations can be used to transform our lives in some exceptional ways. they can permanently alter the way we think, reprogram our mind to move away from damaging self-beliefs, and allow us to pursue and achieve the life we really want. in a morning session we’ll repeat affirmations together.

when we focus on something, we give it tremendous power

do you consciously control your thoughts to focus on positive outcomes, or allow your subconscious mind to let negative or unhelpful thoughts prevail?

at the iamlovingkindnessnetwork we include affirmations into the morning sessions and this has a phenomenal effect on your day.

it’s also really good fun and and yes gives you a boost to your day!

the power of affirmations lies within your subconscious mind. that is also where the negative mind sits & using affirmations will override that negativity thus improving your mood and outlook throughout the day.

the benefits are individual to everyone and what’s better saying affirmations? Saying them in a group.

try it and see how you feel.

the practice of being consistent with your affirmations quickly has a positive impact on your life.  this could look like an improvement in your overall health and happiness, leaving you energised and empowered.

what are positive affirmations?

affirmations are short, positive, powerful statements put simply, they are positive phrases about yourself and how or what you’d like to be. a positive affirmation in itself is a beneficial thought that can boost your confidence, reduce negativity, reduce self belief and effectively produce positive changes in many areas your life. they act really quickly.

so if you wake up in the morning and feel a bit low they pick you up and can turn the day towards a positive note.

initially many people find them a strange thing to do and may find it a bit awkward at first. it’s helpful to recognise that most things we do for the first time feel a bit strange and then after a while we are like a duck to water and really enjoy them.

examples would be:

‘I let go of (negative memories and focus on a positive future).’

‘I accept (myself for who I am).’

‘I walk (tall and with confidence).’

‘I build (new levels of confidence every day).’

‘I integrate (positivity into every action I take).’

‘I am thankful (for those who love and care for me).’

you might find this a powerful way to get ready for work everyday and/or implement into you morning routine. research (carried out in Psychological Science November 2005 vol.16 no.11) identified that affirmations can lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and help reduce stress on both an emotional and physical level.

affirmations can promote higher levels of self esteem and optimism. people find they are automatically thinking good thoughts and that mindset has a positive ripple effect into all parts of their lives.

hope to see you soon & often
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