sunday night blues.. why do so many of us feel this?

sunday night blues.. why do so many of us feel this?

sunday…..blues/worry/anxiety normally occurs when we are over thinking and casting long assumption about how things will turn out.

why do so many of us feel this?

the friday feeling we feel on friday is a feeling of freedom  and we know the world is going to slow down for a couple of days and the weekend is ours…. however this feeling changes on a sunday afternoon when we can feel anxious that we have five days of work ahead and feel the pain of the dramatic anticlimax on sunday; rather than a slow burning feeling of relaxation and release that friday brings

sunday evening is often recalled as being a stressful time, going back to school, getting things ready for the week ahead and that carries into adulthood. unless you don’t and then you don’t.

self – soothe with flipping the negative inner talk into a positive perspective. if you have felt like this for years on a sunday you’re automatically going to think anxious thoughts about the week ahead. you can flip it to a positive instantly. 

emptying your mind onto paper in the evening helps to manage anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts. it’s just a brilliant way to defragment/process your mind in the evening and may help you fall asleep. remember to include a happy thought for the day and a positive note on how you want tomorrow to turn out. 

we have a special sunday night session to settle the sunday nerves and get you a good night sleep. you can always boost! with us on monday morning to get the necessary feel good vibes to carry you in to the week.

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