have confidence things will improve

have confidence things will improve

if you’re not resilient to adversity it’s easy to become fatalistic when things go wrong. you may feel like giving up convinced that life isn’t fair. (well it’s not, not all of the time anyway). you might be inclined to accept defeat telling yourself that persevering would be for nothing because current conditions are unlikely to get better and base your actions on that mindset. 

but that my friend is a false assumption and the start of a rocky road to nowhere. reverse the negative outlook to a positive. even if you do not feel like it. life is a mix of positive and negative and some might tell you it’s only our hunter gather minds that start with the negative ‘suggestion’ to run! 

in today’s reality take a breath, wait for the positive to materialise out of the ether. stuff always changes. and it does often when we don’t react from a negative mental master plan. take your time and take time to relax.  often life has a uncanny way to soothe the landscape and present us with unthought of solutions. this happens often as a result of our inaction from a negative state. read a book, call a mate, stroke the cat, have a nap what ever you need to do to shift the feeling. better days are on the their way and here to stay 

hope to see you soon & often
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