feel good!

feel good!


we can’t wait to have you experience our sessions that are designed to de-stress and uplift our members. it’s amazing what a bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement can do.

a small bit of shared wisdom can go a long way to make you feel better and make life feel brighter.

we’re holding a happy safe space for virtual group connection – in support and in kindness for all.

we use affirmations in our morning sessions and make time to breathe and get grounded. it’s a worry free zone, where you will be held in a safe space and we welcome you to check in to say how you feel if you want to and if we have time. it can really benefit others to hear your voice and your perspective. 

our evening sessions are a designed to defragment/process your mind after your full day working. they also promote better sleep. after our heartening evening commentary members are invited to share and then we then finish the session with a gratitude practice. we have sunday night program as well for members who want to settle any assumptions for the coming week ahead.

covid-19 really separated us from others to the extent that we lost touch with our own voices. it’s really important to be seen and heard. we will be sharing loads of uplifting anecdotes and stories in our 30 min live morning and evening sessions, livestream over zoom.

if you are thinking of joining, our monthly membership gives you access to unlimited sessions.

hope to see you soon & often

christi (clko)
iamlovingkindnessnetwork 🌱

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