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you are more than you know. you are not your car, you are not your job and you are not your bank account. these are useful things and they help you to make your way through the world, but they do not define you. you are not your problems. you not your failures. you are not your disappointments. these things challenge you and can ultimately help you to grow but they do not have to limit you. you are here to shine and to live your life your way. you are the admirer of beauty around you, a spirit that cannot be limited. you are the best you can imagine and an infinity of possibilities to be fulfilled. the shallow, superficial things will define or limit you only to the extent that you let them. pay attention to them, but don’t give your life to them. you are so much more. 

our evening sessions are a designed to defragment/process your mind after your full day working. they also promote better sleep. after our heartening evening commentary members are (as below) invited to share and then we then finish the session with a gratitude practice. we have sunday night program as well for members who want to settle any assumptions for the coming week ahead.

we hope to see you soon & often


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our evening sessions format

these evening sessions last approx 30 minutes and consist of motivational and uplifting content, affirmations, anecdotes, evening gratitude guided practice, stories to relate to and share back on and some lovingkindness gems to help you process your day. 

10 min evening gratitude practice

evening gratitude practice

as part of the evening session we use a gratitude practice to promote a soothing mind, that warms the heart and makes us resilience for tomorrow and gives us peace at the end of the day.

in this practice we experience positive emotions such as gratitude, loving-kindness, and compassion and literally feel the stress of the day loosens its grip and at the end we are relaxed and ready to settle in for a good nights sleep.

you may choose to keep a journal after, noting three to five things that day for which you feel particularly grateful. you can draw on the strength of this gratitude whenever you wish.  read more here

journal at night to help you sleep

emptying your mind onto paper in the evening helps to manage anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts. it’s just a brilliant way to defragment/process your mind in the evening and may help you fall asleep. remember to include a happy thought for the day and a positive note on how you want tomorrow to turn out. 

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three good things from your day?

three good things that happened today

three good things is about focusing on the positive moments, experiences, people, that we may sometimes take for granted or not notice all together. recalling these experiences reaffirms in the memory, put’s life into perspective which lift’s our mood and dissolves crumbs of potential negativity building up (ants- automatic negative thoughts). promotes sleep, people who experience greater positive emotions tend to put more effort into overcoming obstacles, perform better at work, less stress & be more confident read more here

remember our sunday night session

we have a sunday night session to settle the nerves and soothe the mind so you get you a good night sleep. you can always boost! with us on monday morning to get the necessary feel good vibes to carry you in to the week read more

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holding the ‘space’ for all

Live Joyful Community Sessions on Zoom

Joyful Community hub

Access Your Live Community Wellness Sessions Here  

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service designed for humans

our sessions are held in a respectful way, holding the space for all. the iamlovingkindness facilitator takes the members through the uplifting material/content  and leads on affirmations which members can participate out loud or mentally affirm. if there is time members may have time to check in and in two or three words say how they feel that morning or evening.

if there is time for shares members will be invited to share on content in the session always from the their perspective and not cross sharing on what others may of said already.

iamlovingkindnessnetwork is a safe virtual space for all its members – in support and in kindness for all.

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feel good!

feel good! hello! we can’t wait to have you experience our sessions that are designed to de-stress and uplift our members. it’s amazing what a

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