adult bullying – shining a light

adult bullying - shining a light

there really isn’t enough emphasis on adult bullying. many people believe it only happens in childhood but this is a fallacy. bullying can happen in the workplace, with family, neighbours and anywhere else really.

being bullied as an adult can be hard to admit. there is a sense of shame that comes with being bullied as an adult because so many people believe it mainly happens in childhood.

bullying can have a huge impact on an individual’s self-esteem, confidence, mental health and well-being, making many feel isolated or as though no one is on their side.

it may be easy to dismiss it as ‘just a joke’ or workplace ‘banter’ between friends but, if it is making you or someone else feel uncomfortable, it’s not o.k. we have a duty to speak up and make sure everyone feel’s safe and comfortable.

when surveying over 1,300 members of the public and 500 professionals, counselling directory (in the u.k) revealed that an astonishing one in two of us have been bullied (55%), with 70% of victims not seeking support. when asked, three in five (65%) expressed feelings that there wasn’t enough information about anti-bullying available in their workplace.

it is not uncommon for victims of bullying to repeat the negative messages they hear, sometimes without even realising they are doing it. 

when this happens, the person being bullied internalises the messages bullies have said to them or about them. in fact, they have heard these messages so many times from bullies that they often believe they are true and repeat them to themselves.

as a result, it is extremely important that people learn how to counteract these negative messages with positive ones.

one of the best ways to do that is with positive affirmations. positive affirmations are positive statements that we can affirm to ourselves. these positive statements help us reprogram our brains and way of thinking after being bullied. the goal is and what can occur over a period of time is that positive thinking becomes more automatic and the negative words would become less frequent.

repeat them enough and consistently so that they become part of your thought process. eventually, these statements will contribute how we see ourselves and the world around us.

in the iamlovingkindnessnetwork morning sessions we always use affirmations and they can promote higher levels of self esteem and optimism for everyone.

note to reader: be gentle with yourself if you are dealing with the effects of bullying. if you have struggled with a bully and you need support please seek help. being bullied is a form of trauma and those feelings can last long after the bullying has stopped. 

talking to someone who will help you rebuild your confidence and is on your side can make all the difference. and if you are still being bullied they can support you to find a way out of the situation. 

you don’t have to suffer alone.


National Bullying Helpline

Tel: 0845 22 55 787 

hope to see you soon & often
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